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3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Office Furniture

Office Furniture
You work hard and your company is doing well, so why doesn't your office look the part? Although some businesses never have customers step foot inside of their corporate headquarters, a sharp-looking workspace can improve employee morale and the perception of your investors.

Here are three easy ways to save money on office furniture, so that you can improve your place of business without hurting your bottom line.

Ask for Employee Input

Those new desks might seem like the perfect addition to your office, but if you don't take into account employee needs, they might be in the garbage pile long before the end of their usable lifespan. To save money on office furniture, talk with your workers about what they need and want in desks, chairs, and reception areas so you select the right items.

Think about things like office setup and equipment location. For example, do your workers sit at their desks all day, or do they like to get up and move around to different workspaces? By talking with your workers about what they want, you can prevent workflow challenges that render your new furniture unusable. 

To make gathering information easier, consider holding a team meeting to focus completely on office furniture. If team meetings aren't possible because of work schedules, then think about sending out a survey, compiling the results, and evaluating the data.

While it might not be possible to make everyone happy, taking into account your worker's opinions could help you anticipate and avoid potential problems.

Invest in Quality Products

Solid wood desks might be more expensive than the particleboard desks you can find in retailers across the country, but when you think about the long-term cost of ownership, investing in quality products can actually save you a lot of money in the long run.

For example, if you spend $2,000 on a high-quality desk but it lasts 30 years, the average cost of ownership is only around $67 per year. On the other hand, if you purchase a cheap desk for $500 that falls apart in five years, the lower-quality desk costs about $100 a year. In addition, the cheaper desk will create a poorer perception and employee experience.

To save time and money, budget carefully for office furniture expenses, and only purchase quality products that will stand the test of time. As you shop, look for the hallmarks of fine furniture, such as real hardwood, craftsman construction, and lengthy product warranties offered by reputable businesses.

Buy Pre-Owned Pieces

One great way to zero-in on sturdy pieces, while simultaneously saving money, is to look for pre-owned furniture. When an item is pre-owned, you have the opportunity to see how it has weathered daily use. Additionally, pre-owned pieces are typically a fraction of the price of brand new versions, helping you to protect your pocketbook.

Pre-owned furniture is also assembled for you, saving you time and labor costs. In addition, since many companies order furniture to accommodate a positive office workflow, it is easy to find pieces designed to work together. In fact, some businesses even sell pre-owned furniture items in sets, making it easy to set your office up quickly and efficiently.

As you shop for pre-owned furniture, pay attention to wear marks, signs of previous repairs, and company logos. If you can tell who made the piece, then you can gain a better idea of how long the item will last and whether or not replacement parts are still available.
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