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4 Essentials For Your Employee Break Room Furniture

With employees putting in more hours and working harder than ever these days, it's imperative to create an employee break room where everyone can relax and escape the daily grind, even if only for a short while. Office break room furniture should be functional yet comfortable and inviting. Here are some furniture ideas for the warmest and most welcoming office break room environment.
1. Functional Tables
An office break room is often the place for employees to go for their break-time meals and snacks. Because of this, the tables are probably the most important furnishings you will have in the employee break room. To choose the best break room tables, you must consider the general size and set up of the break room itself. For example, don't overcrowd the room with excessive furnishings for a smaller room.
For a spacious break room, a few large tables that allow seating for several individuals will do nicely. However, if your office break room space is limited, and your employee staff is moderately small, consider placing a few small individual tables around the room. Tables and chairs may be purchased as a set. Consider a durable laminate tabletop rather than genuine wood, as it will stand up to constant use.
2. Comfortable Seating for Relaxation
Sometimes, employees want to kick back and relax while reading or watching a bit of TV in the break room. This is why you will want to have a few cushioned or plush chairs in the break room. Over-sized lounge chairs feel very inviting after hours spent at the office desk. A lounge couch is another good idea. You should place these comfy lounge chairs away from the main eating area if possible.
3. A Useful Credenza
A credenza is somewhat like a buffet table and somewhat like a side table. It is an essential piece of break room furniture to hold things such as napkins, plastic utensils, coffee makers and other appliances. Choose a piece to complement your other break room furniture, such as cherry wood, oak wood, metal or even glass if you prefer. Also, look for features that will help make your break room functional.
A shelf or two is a good idea. Your credenza should include several drawers as well for holding your supplies. If you prefer a bit of extra room, consider a credenza with a lid and platform that is extendable.
4. A Functional and Decorative Bookcase
Every break room should include a functional bookcase. Why is it important? Simply because many employees enjoy reading during office breaks. Why not set up a bookcase and furnish it with interesting books for your workers to enjoy on their break? If you have the space, you might set up several together to create one very large unit. This would be useful for storage as well.
A vertical standing bookcase is practical when space is limited. Corner bookcases are also good for small spaces. If you prefer something a bit more decorative or elegant, consider a bookcase style etagere. This piece of furniture is good for holding reading material, although it often features an open-back design and glass shelves.
Remember that you do not necessarily have to buy brand new office furniture. You have the option of purchasing pre-owned break room furniture as well. Buying used furniture may save you considerable money and work just as well to suit your needs.
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